I Have The Right To (Paperback)

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Chessy Prout

is a high school sexual assault survivor raised in Japan, Chessy Matriculated to St. Paul's School --a boarding school in New Hampshire that her father and sister had attended.  There as a freshman, Chessy was the victim of a sexual assault.  Chessy's case and the trial garnered national and international media attention, as her assault was part of a ritual competition at the school called "Senior Salute."  Two years later in Chessy's pursuit of justice, she decided to step forward publicly.  In August 2016 she launched the #I HAVE THE RIGHT TO initiative with the organization PAVE ambassador, Chessy travels around the country to speak about the importance of consent education in K-12 schools; encourages survivors and others to assert their most important basic rights; and uses her voice to let other survivors know that they are not alone.