Price: $303.00

Safeware is an accidental damage and theft protection insurance policy for your laptop or tablet computer. Policy rates are based on the number of years of coverage and the value of the unit to be covered.

The UofA Computer Store Service Center will be the point of contact and authorized repair center of your Safeware policy.

Once Safeware is purchased, the owner pays no additional out of pocket expense. The extent of the coverage is up to the value of the unit within the limits of the policy agreement time frame. The Safeware policy also includes theft protection. If the unit is stolen, you must obtain a police report and the police must verify the unit is stolen. Once Safeware verifies, they will pay out the remaining value of the policy.

NOTE: This item must be purchased with a qualifying Apple product. To purchase Safeware for your device that you already own, please bring the device in-store with your receipt from time of purchase. The device purchase must have been within 60 days and requires inspection by a certified technician before the store can allow separate purchase of Safeware. Your online order will be cancelled or placed on hold if Safeware is not purchased with the correct product.