University of Arkansas Bookstore meets all of the requirements to be LEED certified, however, due to time and budget constraints the official certification could not be secured before the start of construction.

The goals of the U of A Bookstore are to help reduce our carbon footprint on both the U of A campus, NWA area, and nationwide. We are working towards our sustainability goals by doing the following:

  • We utilize natural lighting whenever possible. Our lighting system uses a control panel that dims all Bookstore lighting as it gets brighter outside.
  • We strive to produce minimal waste. Business materials are reused to the furthest of their extent whenever possible.
  • We intentionally selected a centralized location on campus so all on campus deliveries, whenever possible, could be done on foot. This also allows for our location to be a main receiving area for the entire campus to lesson the gas used to deliver to the campus community.
  • Our retail bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

We are the campus cell phone, printer cartridge, and battery recycling hub.

We recycle both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, printer and toner cartridges, and cell phones. Our bins that accept these items can be found around campus in the following locations:

  • Administration Building, 4th floor
  • Facilities Management, past the key office
  • Grad Ed Building, 1st Floor Student Lounge
  • Kimpel Hall, 1st Floor
  • Old Main, 5th Floor
  • Uptown, 1st Floor West Wing


On Campus Sustainability Events

The University of Arkansas is a leader in campus sustainability efforts, in large part due to its commitment and dedicated resources to reduce its environmental impact and neutralize its carbon footprint.

Our daily habits on campus are becoming more sustainable. Over the past five years, U of A has improved our recycling diversion rate from 25% to 32%, reduced waste sent to the landfill by 10% per student, reduced building energy use—both per square foot of building space and per student, doubled the number of bike loops on campus, and invested over $15 million on campus in energy conservation and efficiency. There's more to come, with an additional $23 million of energy and water conservation improvements planned for installation in campus buildings over the next 24 months.

The University will lessen its enviromental impact:

  • Through education of students and citizens about environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Through research to develop knowledge and technologies that facilitate sustainability and improved environmental stewardship.
  • By committing to become a carbon neutral institution as soon as it is practical.
  • By committing to become a zero-waste institution as soon as it is practical.
  • By serving as an exemplar of environmental stewardship for our community, Arkansas, and the world.

Recycling and Waste Minimization

Razorback Recycling

Razorback Recycling is responsible for the collection, processing, storage, and marketing of all recyclable materials from the University's educational and general purpose (E & G) facilities. Recycling services may be purchased by campus auxiliaries, student living groups, and recognized University organizations. Razorback Recycling diverted about 35% of solid waste produced on campus to recycling markets, for a total of more than 500 tons of paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, and 17 other types of materials each year. If it can be recycled, U of A has a means and a market for diverting it from our landfill.

There are over 900 bins located in buildings across campus, allowing opportunities to recycle white paper, mixed paper, cardboard, cans and bottles.


The University of Arkansas Computer Store is offering a technology trade-in service for the University of Arkansas community. Electronics that are brought in to the store will be evaluated based on their condition – like new, good, or busted. Many devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and laptops, can be exchanged for a U of A Bookstore gift card to be used in the Computer Store, Bookstore, or any of the four Razorback Shop locations.

Students, faculty, staff and community members who would like to participate in the trade-in program may bring their personally owned electronics by the Computer Store in the U of A Bookstore to get an estimate. If the device doesn't have a trade-in value, the Computer Store also offers electronic recycling at no charge.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Bring your device into the Computer Store and an associate will determine one of three conditions:
    • Like New: unit has no flaws, scratches, scuffs, cracks or dents, must either be or appear brand new and fully functioning
    • Good: unit looks good, may have minor scratches or scuffs, but no cracks or dents and must be fully functioning
    • Busted: unit is damaged, has missing parts or is not functioning
  • Agree to the value provided by our national trade-in company, and give the associate your device
  • Get your gift card for the value of your trade-in

Accepted Materials

  • Deskop/Laptop
  • Printer/Copier/Scanner
  • Cell Phone/Smart Phone
  • Tablet/E-Reader
  • Server

Non-Accepted Materials

  • Any electronics with fluid
  • CRT monitors and televisions
  • LCD monitors and televisions
  • Solder pastes/solder guns
  • Bio-fluids/medical equipment


For your convenience you may drop inks/toners and any batteries except lithium primary batteries into the appropriate receptacle located in the following locations:

  • Administration Building 4th floor
  • Facilities Maintenance – past the key office
  • Grad Ed Building 1st floor student lounge
  • Kimpel Hall 1st floor
  • Mullins Library lobby
  • Old Main 5th floor
  • The Parking Spot in the Harmon garage
  • Uptown 1st floor west wing


Visit U of A Computer Store for assistance in evaluating the trade-in eligibility of your device. This is a quick and simple process of examining the device and answering a few questions. After confirming the information, you will be given a quote. If you accept the quote at the time you will be given a U of A Bookstore gift card for the value of the quote in exchange for your used device. Once your exchange is processed, you will no longer have access to your trade-in device, so be sure to copy any important data prior to trade-in! All items will be securely wiped before being re-circulated or recycled and all stored information will be unattainable.
iPhones, iPads, iPods, Tablets, E-readers, Laptops, and MacBooks are just some of the items offered. We are adding more devices; at better prices, on a regular basis to better serve our customers.
Once a quote is entered, and you have accepted the quote, the U of A Computer Store will issue payment for your trade-in in the form of a gift card for the trade-in value. This is the only eligible form of payment available and can be redeemed for any item purchase in the U of A Bookstore, Razorback Shops and Computer Store, including credit towards new devices.
Anything in the store! The gift card you will receive is not limited to certain products or departments. If you want to use your gift card for clothing or textbooks; go ahead! If you are considering that new Apple product you've always wanted, feel free to use your gift card towards the purchase. As an added bonus, your gift card never expires. Use it until the amount on the card is gone!